Vedanta is a science of life. It has to be studied systematically and methodically like any other science. The recommended four books in the order of study for beginners are:

The Fall of the Human Intellect
Governing Business and Relationships
The Holocaust of Attachment
Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities


The Fall of the Human Intellect
135 Pages LKR. 600/-

Stress, depression, disease in individuals and militancy, vandalism, terrorism in societies is threatening humanity with extinction. The book traces back the source of this impending disaster to the continual neglect of human intellect. It highlights the fundamental difference between intelligence and intellect. Intelligence is acquired from schools and universities while the intellect is developed through one’s personal effort in thinking, reasoning, questioning before accepting anything .The book is designed to develop the intellect and save the humanity from self-destruction.



Governing Business and Relationships
203 pages LKR. 1100/-

Deals with the basic concepts associated with the running of a business such as Value systems, Work Ethics, Stress Management, Productivity, Leadership and Time Management. Also analyses one’s relationship with the world at large. The emphasis is on self-development through study and reflection of the higher values of life rather than correcting the external world. Towards the end the book highlights a human being’s role in achieving the ultimate management by gaining identity with one’s own Self.



The Holocaust of Attachment
201 pages LKR.1150/-

The lack of intellect has caused the mind’s attachment to spouses, children, wealth, religion, practically everything. The virus of attachment has reached epidemic proportions and the world is in a state of emergency. Yet none seems to recognise the problem, much less tackle it, the solution lies in a concerted effort worldwide to resurrect the fallen intellect. A powerful intellect alone would destroy the virus and generate peace and harmony in the society.




Select English Poems
123Pages LKR. 450/-

A collection of twenty poems and excerpts from English literature. Includes selections from the works William Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith, John Milton, William Wordsworth and Mathew Arnold.

The book analyses each literary piece to derive the powerful message encapsulated in it. It conveys the philosophical insights for maintaining peace and progress in life.


Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities
351 Pages LKR. 1500/-

This book expounds the philosophy of Vedanta, It presents the eternal principles of life and living. Living is a technique that needs to be learnt and practiced by one and all .The technique provides the formula for remaining active all through life while maintaining inner peace. It helps one develop a powerful intellect to meet the challenges of the world.

Above all, the Treatise helps one evolve spiritually .It provides the knowledge and guidance to reach the ultimate in human perfection .The goal of Self-realisation.


Bhaja Govindam and Atmabodha
232 Pages LKR. 1100/-

Both the texts Bhaja Govindam and Atmabodha were composed by Adi Sankaracharya in the eighth century. The Bhaja Govindam highlights the two main motivations – acquisition and enjoyment. Its thirty one verses points out the delusion in external pursuits and urge one to seek the supreme Self. The Atmabodha is a picture gallery of word paintings in sixty-eight verses with deep philosophic themes. It contains several similes and metaphors taken from nature and life in general. The practical examples therein help a spiritual seeker to maintain the awareness of the supreme Reality in all walks of life.


Bhagavad Gita
880 pages LKR. 2950/-

The Gita brings to highlight the positive and negative tendencies within you. They are your higher aspirations and lower desires in life that effect your evolution or devolution. Its chaste philosophy helps you conquer desire and regain the Supreme Self. The state of Godhood. The book comprises the text, transliteration, word-meaning, translation and commentary. A useful contribution is the topic-wise division of each chapter which helps you capture the thought-flow and message therein.


Choice Upanishads
243Pages LKR.1450/-

The Upanishads form the final portion of the Vedas which are primeval source of scriptures. Sage Badarayana Vyasa classified them as Rik, Sama, Yajuh and Atharvana Vedas. This book provides an exhaustive commentary on four Upanishads namely Kena, Isavasya, Kaivalya and Mundaka. The Upanishads expound a system of philosophy which helps humanity attain spiritual enlightenment.




Thesis on God
180 Pages LKR 1250/-

The human race has accepted the word God unquestionably from time immemorial. Which has resulted in an avalanche of diverse faiths warring with each other. To circumvent this and present the true nature of God the thesis provides adequate literature. God is the supreme Self, a Sakshi, a detached Witness of activities of the body, mind and intellect. A role in beings which fits in with that of petrol in vehicles. Petrol is a sakshi which activates vehicles while witnessing the best or worst of their performances.


The Symbolism of Hindu Gods and Rituals
158 Pages LKR. 750/-

A practical text explaining the allegorical significance of gods and goddesses, rituals and festivals, invocations and prayers. It educates a spiritual aspirant on the philosophical aspect of religious practices.





The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy
2532 pages LKR.8200/-

The book consists of:

  1. The Fall of the Human Intellect
  2. Governing Business and Relationships
  3. Select English Poems
  4. Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities
  5. Bhaja Govindam and Atmabodha
  6. Bhagavad Gita
  7. Choice Upanishads
  8. The Symbolism of Hindu Gods and Rituals


Audio Books ( MP3 format)
The Fall of the Human Intellect : 600/-
Governing Business and Relationships : 1100/-
The Holocaust of Attachment : 1150/-
Select English Poems : 450/-
Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities : 1150/-
Thesis on God : 1250/-

Audio CDs : LKR 300/- per CD
For Youth

  • The Art of Self-management
  • Dilemma of Choice
  • Intellect vs Intelligence
  • Message for Youth

For the Professionals and Corporate Sector

  • 3 C Success
  • Ancient Wisdom in Modern Business
  • Intense Work is Rest
  • Power of Action

For Harmonious Relationships

  • Art of Parenting
  • Harmony in Marriage
  • Making Relationships Work

For Spiritual seekers

  • Excellence of Enlightenment
  • Glory of Renunciation
  • How to Select a Guru
  • Law of Causation
  • Price of Peace
  • Who am I

Devotional Compositions
Bhajans 1
Bhajans 2
Bhajans 3
Sacred Chants
Upanisad Chanting

Bhagavad Gita chanting (Chapter 1 – 18) LKR 600/- per MP3

Audio Discourses (MP3 )

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 to 18 Each chapter LKR 600/-
Bhaja Govindam : LKR 600/-
Atma Bodha : LKR 600/-
Kenopanisad : LKR 800/-
Isavasyopanisad : LKR 800/-
Kaivalyopanisad : LKR 800/-
Mundakopanisad : LKR 800/-


DVD Lectures : LKR 500/- per DVD

3 C Success
Ancient Wisdom in Modern Business
Art of Parenting
The Art of Self–management
Harmony in Marriage
Intense Work is Rest
Intellect vs Intelligence
Making Relationships Work
Timeless Truths – Classical Living
When is Enough Enough
Who am I
Your Mind Plays Havoc