‘If you cannot manage yourself, you cannot manage anything else’.
                                                                                 A. Parthasarathy

Self-management focuses on developing oneself. Explains the functioning of human inner personality and its relationship with the world. Helps to develop intellectual strength and clarity. Enables one to handle the challenges and functions with enhanced efficiency and equanimity.

The current educational programs in schools and universities focus on increasing intelligence through the acquisition of knowledge. Intelligence alone does not prepare the human to face the challenges of life. The result is an alarming rise in stress, deterioration in productivity levels, strained relationships and monotony and boredom at work.

The solution lies in developing the inner personality to handle the internal and external challenges. The emphasis is on self-development through imbibing the higher values of life rather than correcting the external world.

Talk : One hour
Q & A : Additional fifteen minutes

Suggested Topics For Youth:
The Technique of Self-Management
How to Choose Your Career
Realise Your Dream
What is True Education
Conquer the Mind, Conquer the World
Be a Master, Not a Slave

Recommended Study Material:
The Fall of the Human Intellect by A. Parthasarathy

Suggested Topics for professionals and the Corporate Sector
The Technique of Self-management
Secret of Success
Success Without Stress Through Self-management
Time Management and Productivity
Who is a True Leader
How to Deal Corruption

Recommended Study Material:
Governing Business and Relationships by A.Parthasarathy