Vedanta Institute Colombo

The Vedanta Institute, Colombo, is a charitable Trust registered under The Trust Ordinance, Chapter 87 of the Legislative Enactments of Ceylon (Revised Edition 1956).

The primary objectives of the Vedanta Institute Colombo is to disseminate the eternal values of Vedanta to people in all walks of life through the following avenues:

  • Introductory talks for beginners.
  • Vedanta retreats for individuals and various organisations.
  • Annual discourses on the Bhagavad Gita for general public and spiritual seekers.
  • Vedanta weekly  study classes for earnest pursuers.
  • Self-Management programs for youth, professionals and those in the corporate sector.
  • Promoting literature on Vedanta and Self-management.
  • Organising educational tours.

Vedanta International



Umayal Venugopal is a disciple of internationally renowned Vedanta Philosopher and corporate speaker, Swami Parthasarathy. She is a philosopher, teacher, speaker and writer.

Umayal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of Jaffna. Her professional experience includes teaching and translation. She renounced her career at the Attorney General’s Department, Colombo, to pursue the three year residential course in Vedanta at the Vedanta Academy, India.

Having completed the stipulated course, she has, over a decade in time, dedicated herself to the full time study, research and dissemination of Vedanta and its practical applications. She has mastered the art of presenting the sublime truths of Vedanta in a clear, precise and simple manner, both in English and Tamil. She holds Vedanta sessions and Self-management programs for diverse audiences.  She has addressed various leading organisations, which include Lanka IOC PLC, Nielsen Company, Mega We Care, Indian Cultural Centre, Rotary Club, University Grants Commission, University of Colombo and University of Jaffna. She has been featured on television, radio and the print media in Sri Lanka.

Umayal is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Vedanta Institute Colombo, a charitable Trust dedicated to the study and dissemination of Vedanta, the philosophy of life and living.