Vedanta gives true insight into life

Veda means knowledge and anta end

The eternal science

Vedanta means the culmination of knowledge. This ancient philosophy presents the eternal and universal principles of life and living. These principles transcend the barriers of race, religion, caste and creed. The study and practical application of Vedanta helps one to develop clarity in thinking, purity of emotion and dynamism in action. Thus Vedanta provides the technique to achieve success and peace in all aspects of life – professional, social and personal. Above all it ushers one to the ultimate human perfection, the state of Self-realisation. 

You may have a good standard of living but how is your standard of life?

Science improves the standard of living by providing better comforts, amenities and facilities. Whereas Vedanta improves standard of life by reducing stress and bringing peace and happiness. We aim to establish a higher standard of life in Sri Lanka by making the knowledge of Vedanta available to schools, universities, corporations and the society at large.

Who are we?

Vedanta Institute Colombo

Vedanta Institute Colombo is a charitable Trust registered under The Trust Ordinance, Chapter 87 of the Legislative Enactments of Ceylon (Revised Edition 1956) in 2017. The primary objective of the Vedanta Institute Colombo is to disseminate the knowledge of Vedanta to people in all walks of life in Sri Lanka. This is achieved through weekly study classes, talks and annual lectures. These activities are supported by donations, grants and sponsorships from well-wishers, corporate bodies, institutions and charitable trusts.