Inner Tourism

Online Interactive 3 sessions

Everything happening in life around us is a message. Like a sudden tragedy or lottery, loved one leaves you or twins coming in the family, gain or loss of health etc. Now why, when, how it happens we don’t know and we end up blaming someone else plus have a general dissatisfaction with life. Furthermore, not knowing the path to come out of it one ends up with depression & stress. Here is an opportunity to tour your inner personality & see the beauty of being a human being & pull oneself out of the Quagmire of issues at all levels of personality & life.

Session 1: Vedanta - The guide to Inner personality
Session 2: Mental résurrection - Get On now
Session 3: Intellect - The wisest & best route

Online sessions – 3 Sundays

by Mikhil Agarwal
Disciple of Swami Parthasarathy

4 - 18 Mar 2023
 Saturdays 6.30 - 7.30 pm SLST

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