You are the Architect of Your Life

Vedanta for youth

A specially designed course for the youth for a comprehensive development of the personality.


All the knowledge one gathers from schools and universities pertains to the world. It can only help one to get qualified for a profession and to make a living. At best to enhance the external amenities and facilities. It will not equip one to handle the challenges in life. Also fails to bring inner peace and happiness.


Vedanta, the science of life presents the universal and timeless principles of life and living. It trains one to explore within, understand one’s inner personality better and develop further. Also, to assess and relate to the world effectively. Thereby improve the quality of life. Above all, it leads one to the ultimate state of perfection.


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The course material is based on the book ‘The Fall of the Human Intellect’ by the world-renowned thinker, author and speaker A. Parthasarathy.

Intellect the Game Changer

Level I

Understanding yourself (1) (2)

Session 1

Understanding Yourself

Do you really know yourself ? Deepen your understanding of yourself and uncover the potential that lies within you.


Session 2

Think Clearly, Choose Wisely

As a human you have the freedom to choose your actions. A single choice can completely change your life for the better or worse. How do you make the right choices?  Driven by the impulses of mind or the analysis of intellect? Learn the process to develop a powerful intellect which enhance the skills of analytical thinking and decision-making.

Pursuit of your goal (1) (1)

Session 3

The Pursuit of Your Goal

Why does one need a goal? What are the important factors to consider while setting goals? Why do people face difficulties to achieve their goals? What distinguishes a great achiever from the rest? Learn the formula to achieve success and fulfilment in life.

True love & wisdom (1)

Session 4

True Love and Wisdom

Do you understand life correctly? How can you be sure that your perspectives on life are right? The eternal truths and laws of life help you to gain a clear perspective of life. With this clear vision you will be able to navigate your life in the right direction. Achieve prosperity, peace and eventually the ultimate perfection.

Wisdom from Poems (1)

Session 5

Wisdom from Literature

‘The Pond’ by Jane Taylor
‘The Olive Tree’ by Sabine Baring-Gould

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Session 6

Q & A

An opportunity to explore and find answers to your queries on the fundamentals and true purpose of your life.


A series of Asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) based on Integral Hatha yogic tradition for physical fitness. 

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Umayal Venugopal
Umayal had successfully completed the three-year residential program in Vedanta at the Vedanta Academy, India under direct guidance and tutelage of Swami A. Parthasarathy. And she has dedicated herself to a full-time study, research and dissemination of Vedanta and its practical applications over a decade. Umayal is also the Founder & Managing trustee of the Vedanta Institute Colombo. 

Shobana Cooke
BSC., C.Hom., RYT 200

‘You make yourself, you mar yourself.
You are the architect of your fortune, the architect of your misfortune.’    

A. Parthasarathy

 Vedanta & Yoga 

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