Three avenues for young adults to learn about life and find answers to fundamental questions of life.

Vedanta presents the timeless and universal truths of life. It equips you with a clear intellect to make right decisions and achieve happiness and success in life.

01. Youth Course

Four, one hour interactive sessions.

Session 1: Know Yourself

Session 2: The Power of Choice

Session 3: Art of Goal setting

Session 4: True Love & Wisdom


02. Weekly Discussion

Joy of Liberation

An ungoverned mind gets attached to everything in life- wealth, spouse, children, occupation, religion etc. The result is constant suffering eventually leading to total destruction of one’s personality.

Be aware and understand the deadly effects of attachment. Develop a powerful intellect and be free from the virus of attachment. Enjoy prosperity, peace and harmony in life.


Study material: The Holocaust of Attachment  by A.Parthasarathy


03. Youth Workshop

An opportunity to extricate yourself from the worry and hurry striken routine and ponder over your life and yourself. The workshop includes talk, discussion, Q & A, devotional songs and yogasana.



Alumnus of Vedanta Academy, India. Founded by internationally renowned philosopher A. Parthasarathy.

Benefits of the program:

  • Analytical skills
  • Clarity in thinking
  • Enhanced Concentration
  • Positive emotions
  • Harmony in Relationships
  • Dynamicism and cheerfulness in action