Annual Bhagavad Gita lectures

The Bhagavad Gita is a manual of life. It presents the eternal principles of life and living. The Gita was imparted by Lord Krsna to Arjuna, the Pandava prince, an outstanding warrior and commander in chief. Arjuna was overwhelmed by emotions and collapsed in the battle field at the crucial hour of the war. The profound knowledge of Gita lifted Arjuna out of his emotional stupor and he was revived and recharged with a higher vision of life. 

The timeless truths of Gita is applicable in the present as well. In spite of academic and professional qualification modern humans easily succumb to emotional pressure and lose the capacity to handle challenges in life. The knowledge of Gita fortify one to meet the challenges and live a life of peace and prosperity. And to progress towards the ultimate human perfection, the state of Self-realisation.

Sunandaji, daughter – disciple of Swami Parthasarathy 

Sunandaji has been studying and researching Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of India for over three decades. Her clear and powerful presentation of the Bhagavad Gita in contemporary thought has been acclaimed in India and abroad. Sunandaji has also addressed prestigious corporate organisations and universities worldwide on the practical application of Vedanta in daily life.

Upcoming Bhagavad Gita On line Lectures by Sunandaji 

Chapter 7 – The Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom
Date & Time: Mar 2025, 6.45 – 8.00 pm SLST (Date to be confirmed)

Buddhist Cultural Centre, Near Thummulla Junction, COlombo 05.

The discourse is open to all irrespective of race or religion and is conducted free of charge. Kanapathy Chetty Selvanathan Charitable Trust is the primary sponsor of the event.