In Person Youth Course
9 – 30 March 2024
Saturdays 5.00 – 6.00 PM

UNI Campus
33, Upatissa Road,
Colombo 04.

We learn about the world from schools and universities. But have we learnt
about ourselves and our lives? Is there a knowledge that prepares us to meet the
challenges of life?

The timeless truths of Vedanta give true insight into life. It equips us with a
clear intellect to make right decisions and achieve happiness and success in life.


Universal Human Values

The uniqueness of human beings is the capacity to live higher values for the welfare of a larger circle. Gratitude, giving, service, love – these are few of the universal values applicable to one and all.


Understanding Karma

There are many laws that govern human life. Among them the law of karma is the foremost law, which is impeccable and infallible. Understand and abide by the law of karma for a better and smooth life.


The Mystery of Birth & Death

One of the mysteries that baffles the human mind is what happens after death? Equally one may wonder what is the cause of the birth. Why is one born in opulence and another in poverty? Unravel these mysteries.


Find Your purpose

What is the uniqueness of being born as a human being? What is the purpose of human life? Purpose of life is just to earn, enjoy, have a family or is there a deeper meaning in life? Find answers to these fundamental questions of life.

‘You get what you deserve, not what you desire’

Swami A. Parthasarathy



Alumnus of Vedanta Academy, India. Founded by internationally renowned philosopher A. Parthasarathy.


  • Universal Human Values
  • Understanding Karma
  • The Mystery of Birth & Death
  • Find Your purpose

Vedanta Youth Course

9  – 30 Mar 2024
Saturdays, 5.00 – 6.00 PM 

UNI Campus
33, Upatissa Road
Colombo 04.

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